Email newsletter design marketing

Email marketing is here to stay. It’s personal, it’s objective and it’s pro-active. Studies have proven that clever email newsletter design helps you to gain more business than paid campaign or organic SEO can.

Trendy Contents can and does create visually appealing, cleverly composed newsletters with a prominent call to action(CTA) button. We have created beautifully designed newsletters, composed enticing content snippets, inserted suitable links and most importantly, placed your revenue making CTA (Call to Action) at the most prominent place. We have weaved magic for dozens of companies (some of them are rather big names!) and we can help you reach out to your customers and bring them back to your site. Our newsletter design and newsletter writing services offer unmatched opportunity to bring back the customer who almost forgot you!

We have hired designers only for newsletter design. These dedicated designers work in tandem with experienced content writers to produce a truly effective newsletter for your organisation. This lethal combo makes us the best newsletter content service provider around.

Why can’t you create the newsletter yourself? Firstly, you are a businessman, not a designer nor a digital marketer. Secondly, when you outsource this job, you don’t need to hire a permanent writer or designer.  Newsletter writing takes certain skills and Trendy Contents master those.

Advantages of Trendy Contents’ Email Newsletter

  • Designed by professional designers
  • Written by professional writers/editors
  • Maximum exposure to the revenue generating CTA
  • Spammability checker (Ask us more about it)
  • Newsletter circulated and analytics data provided (Optional)
  • Periodical newsletter service available
  • No newsletter sent until YOU are satisfied.

Enough waiting for visitors to drop by! Let’s roll some balls and invade some mailboxes. Hire email newsletter creation service from Trendy Contents today!